Hurdles cleared for NICE Projects

The Bangalore-Mysore Infrastructure Corridor Project could finally be on the home stretch. The empowered committee on BMICP, headed by chief secretary Sudhakar Rao, on Tuesday is understood to have given the goahead to Nandi Infrastructure Corridor Enterprises (NICE) on pending works relating to the peripheral road and expressway. This effectively means all administrative decks are cleared for the company. Barring a few patches where land has not been made available by the government, NICE has completed major portions of link and peripheral roads. With this green signal, NICE is all set to take up works in the bottlenecks.
Link Road:
9.1 km taking off from SH 17 (Kavika and linking the expressway)
At 0 to 0.6 km linking expressway and Mysore Road near Byatarayanapura and Divitigeramanahally village.
At 1.4 km, BBMP is yet to communicate approval for diversion road at ring road and integrating bridge and ramps across Outer Ring Road, which is pending for the last one and a half years.
Between 2.6 km to 2.9 km near Hosakerehalli.
At 5.4 km, where alignment in BWSSB water pipeline has to be shifted, for which NICE has made a payment of Rs 77 lakh.
Between 7.80 km and 8.30 km near Hemmigepura village for formation of link road.
Peripheral Road :
Between 8 km and 9 km on Bannerghatta Road junction, near Gottigere village for formation of road, ramps and slip roads to provide entry and exit to peripheral road.
Between 15.4 km and 16 km near Kanakapura road junction of Thalaghattapura village land required for ramps and slip road for entry and exit to peripheral road and land near U M Kaval village required to relocate high tension power line to facilitate construction of peripheral road, ramps and slip road.
Between 23.4 km and 24.2 km near Mysore Road junction, clearance for construction of bridge across Mysore-Bangalore Road and land near Kengeri for construction of ramps/slip road for entry/exit to peripheral road.
Between 33.6 km and 33.8 km near Magadi Road junction near Hosahally Gollarapalya for construction of ramps/slip road for entry/exit to peripheral road.
Land required for laying of road from 5 km to 13.2 km is 184 acres. And 100 acres for formation of two interchanges. They fall in Gangasandra, Chinnakurchi, Vasanthahalli, Gonipura, Thippura, Hampapura, Talakuppe and Bheemanahalli.

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