My Vision for India is Rapid Transformation: NaMo

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said there is a need to change laws, eliminate unnecessary procedures and speed up processes to go beyond “mere incremental progress“ to rapidly transform India.
“If India is to meet the challenge of change, mere incremental progress is not enough. A metamorphosis is needed. That is why my vision for India is rapid transformation, not gradual evolution,“ he said while inaugurating the first Transforming India lecture organised by the NITI Aayog.
Singapore Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam delivered the first lecture, which was attended by the council of ministers, bureaucrats, a few chief ministers and chief secretaries of some states.
Stressing the need to bring about changes through transformation of governance, Modi said this cannot happen with an administrative system rooted in the past. “A transformation of governance cannot happen without a transformation in mindset and a transformation in mindset cannot happen without transformative ideas,“ he said.“We have to change laws, eliminate unnecessary procedures, speed up processes and adopt technology.We cannot march through the 21st century with the administrative systems of the 19th century.“
Modi said the change is needed for external and internal reasons. “Today, countries are inter-dependent and inter-connected. No country can afford any longer to develop in isolation. Every country has to benchmark its activities to global standards, or else fall behind.“

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