Monsoon statz

With the monsoon having withdrawn from most parts of India and on the way out from some, the Met department has said that rainfall this season has been 88% of the long period average (LPA) or 50-year average. The India Meteorological Department (IMD), in its final weekly report, the country's LPA was expected to be 87% (+ or 4%) for 2014.
India's rainfall for July and August was 90% and 91% of the LPA as against the predicted 93% and 96% (+ or 9%). Meanwhile, central India, which includes Maharashtra, and south peninsula are the two regions with least rainfall deficit in the country. Central India has ended up with a 10% deficit, while south peninsula has 7% rainfall deficiency as compared to normal. Haryana,Chandigarh, Delhi, Punjab and west UP received deficient rainfall by more the 50% of the LPA, the report said.
Cumulative rainfall this monsoon has been 12% below the LPA.
Of the 36 meteorological subdivisions, rainfall has been surplus over one -south interior Karnataka -normal over 23 subdivisions and deficient over 12 subdivisions. The report said 3% area of the country received excess rainfall, 67% normal and 30 % deficient rainfall during the monsoon.

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