`Brand India'

India has moved up one rank to become the world's seventh most valued `nation brand', with an increase of 32% in its brand value to $2.1 billion. The US remains on top with a valuation of $19.7 billion, followed by China and Germany at the second and the third positions respectively, as per the annual report on the world's most valuable nation brands compiled by Brand Finance.
The UK is ranked 4th, Japan is ranked fifth and France is sixth on the list. While India and France have moved up one position each since last year, all the top five countries have retained their respective places.
However, the surge of 32% in India's `nation brand value' is the highest among all the top 20 countries on the list. The nation brand valuation is based on five year forecasts of sales of all brands in each nation and follows a complex process. The gross domestic product (GDP) is used as a proxy for total revenues.
The report also said that India's `Incredible India' slogan has worked well, while Germany suffered due to the Volkswagen crisis. About the US, the report said it remains a powerful brand with an inviting business climate. “However its value comes in large part from the country's sheer economic scale...The US' world-leading higher education system and the soft power arising from its dominance of the music and entertainment industries are significant contributors too. “This soft power will help the US to retain the most valuable nation brand for some time after China's seemingly imminent rise to become the world's biggest economy ,“ it added.
The study further said that China's recent stock market turbulence and slowing growth will also extend the US' tenure of the top spot.
Among Brics nations, India is the only country to have witnessed an increase in its brand value with all others -Brazil, Russia, China and South Africa -seeing a dip in their respective brand valuations. India is the second most valued among these emerging economies after China, followed by Brazil, Russia and South Africa.

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