Snapdeal gets a makeover

Snapdeal has carried out a major overhaul of its branding and positioning. With an investment of
Rs. 200 crore, eyes are on the next 100 million e-commerce shoppers, the e-tailer says.
The rebranding is an effort beyond the usual ramping up of logistics that is done every year by the e-tailers to ensure timely delivery of packages at peak demand.
What all is new at Snapdeal?
(a) All-new 'Vermello' look
Snapdeal's website has an all new look, with the colour red taking precedence.

(b) A new logo
Snapdeal bid goodbye to its red and blue typographic eponymous logo and has brought in a 'red' box logo. The new logo, with two arrows forming a box, conveys Snapdeal's journey as partners and enablers, indicating progress, onwards and upwards.

(c) New webpage look
Snapdeal even has a new look for its website which is cleaner, less clunkier, with products arranged in neat categories.

(d) A 360-degree marketing campaign ahead of the festive season.

(e) New delivery boxes
Snapdeal's delivery boxes will also be a shade different from the regular brown cardboard boxes that have become synonymous to e-commerce packages.

(f) New look for the app
The Android and iOs apps have been updated to be in line with the new branding.

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