Maharashtra to legalize live-in relationships

In a bold step to “legalize” live-in relationships, the Maharashtra cabinet approved a proposal suggesting a woman involved in such a relationship for a “reasonable period” should get the status of a wife. The proposal is based on recommendations of the Justice Mallimath Committee which said if a man and a woman are living together as husband and wife for a reasonably long period, the man shall be deemed to have married the woman according to customary rights of either party. The committee had also mooted that the definition of the word ‘wife’ under Section 125 of the CrPc, be amended to include a woman, living with the man like his wife for a reasonably long period. The proposal was passed at a meeting of the state cabinet, chaired by Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh. According to Section 125 of the CrPc, the woman would even be entitled to alimony, an official said. As CrPC is in the concurrent list of the Central Government, the cabinet proposal would be sent to the Centre for obtaining President’s assent, the official said.


Anonymous said...

This act will cause problems for the legally married wives. After somebody dies any woman can come with a photograph of the man with her and say she was in live-in relationship and claim half the property he was leaving behind.
Now who is going to prove whether she was in a 'sufficiently long' relationship??
She might have just been his girl-friend from before marriage, who can prove that he was NOT meeting her after his marriage??

At least now (before these relationships are legalised ) the legally married woman had some stability and security, now what??
The guy could have been in 3-4 relationships [some casanova! but quite possible], and all those women may turn up at his funeral??? The legal wife then has a loooong court battle to fight.

Note to all those who feel above scenarios are far-fetched, we r a country with a population of 1.1 BILLIOn (1 followed by 9 0's) even if the chance that men have extra martial relationships is 0.001% the number of such cases is:1,000,000 )

And above all this is just providing a backdoor entry to allow multiple wives legally.

Anonymous said...

We have to wait and see how many live-in relationships Vilasrao Deshmukh may be in :-D !!
This might be his way out of trouble.
What was the hurry to get this law through?

Anonymous said...

i think under this protection one can facilitate his life who is just pulling his/her life with unwanted partner. if somebody is giving spark to his/her life one must get that freedom to choose one more partner. i also think that by legallising such relationships, the cases of depression/ fear / to certain extent, criminal act can be avoided from the society. and again this is not for unjust to wife but to justify his own life.
so in this multistress life and to protect the second one with every corner of safety this is welcome step of maharastra government, other states must follow it. and we must accept it very boldly, broadly and bravely

Anonymous said...

Even today nobody is going to stop any two people from having a live-in relationship. No law in the country prohibits it.

Well if you go through the Maharashtra proposal carefully it twists the definition of 'live-in'.

Here is what WE BELIEVE live-in is:
guy & girl do whaterver but NO LEGAL TANGLES

Here is what MAHARASHTRA GOVT. thinks live-in is:
1) Guy is MARRIED (?? !! yes but true) (hence has wife alive & kicking).
2) Guy is in a 'relationship' with another Woman
3) If the guy is in sufficiently long relationship with the other woman SHE CAN claim status of WIFE (?? !!) [not necessary for her to have borne any of your children, but they are a plus point :) ]. Implies property, alimony, maintanence etc.

[This by any reasonable def. is an Extra-marital affair :D ]

Don't believe me??
Here is what you owe your wife/parents/children today:

All that the Maha. proposal intends to do is AMMEND the Definition of Wife in the above act to:
include a woman, living with the man like his wife for a reasonably long period.

ref: http://supari.org/legalise-live-in/