NH 17 widening snippets

Around 1,256 Goan families will be affected by the road widening project of the National Highway 17 which will pass through 37 villages along the 139 kilometre stretch spanning Patradevi to Pollem, a survey has revealed.The results of the survey were mentioned in the feasibility cum preliminary design report of the project consultants, Wilbur Smith Associates Private Limited. The survey explores the impact on the livelihoods of people affected by the widening of the NH17. The project is estimated to cost over Rs 1,158 crore. Around 731 families are expected to lose business space, 324 families are expected to lose rent and 201 families are expected to lose business space and income, which adds up to 1,256 families.As this preliminary social survey covered only the project affected families who are the owners of the affected structures, the number of people who are employed in these commercial buildings and are expected to lose their livelihoods is not covered. Assessment of loss of livelihood or income due to loss of land is not assessed due to nonavailability of updated land records and due to the restricted coverage of the preliminary social survey.The preliminary social survey conducted for all the structures (buildings) affected by the project covered major structures like residential, commercial, community ownership and religious buildings as well as minor structures like compound walls, bus stops, pump houses, wells, water taps etc. It revealed that a total of 1821 structures are affected. Of these, 829 are affected on the left side of the road, 882 properties are on the right side and 110 in bypasses. Out of the total number of affected structures, around 72.16% are owned by private individuals, 6.3% are community owned, 4.28% are religious related and 17.24% are in the category of others.A traffic analysis shows that the four stretches of Mapusa-Panaji, Panaji-Verna, Verna-Margao and Margao-Canacona are the busiest. Daily traffic on Mapusa-Panaji stretch is 31,787 vehicles, Panaji-Verna stretch is 30,759, Verna-Margao stretch is 29,375 and on the Margao-Canacona stretch is 12,161.Bypasses are needed at various places in addition to the existing ones. For example, an eight-kilometre bypass is proposed at Porvorim on the Panaji-side, two-kilometre bypass is proposed at Cuncolim, a one-kilometre bypass is needed at Balli-Quepem. A bypass already exists at Mapusa, a four-kilometre bypass is under construction by PWD at Velha Goa, a five-kilometre bypass alignment is finalised at Margao and land is acquired and a 3.5 kilometre bypass alignment is finalised and land acquired at Canacona.A total of 29 bridges are there along the project stretch. Of these, 10 bridges are bypassed and the remaining 19 bridges fall within the project stretch of which three are major bridges and 16 are minor bridges. About 349 culverts exist along the project road. Out of the three major bridges, two bridges are proposed to be retained and additional two lane box girder bridges are proposed. One major bridge is proposed to be reconstructed to six lane cable stayed bridge. From the remaining 16 minor bridges, six are proposed to be widened and 10 are to be reconstructed. From the remaining six underpasses, one is proposed to be widened and five are proposed to be reconstructed. Three new underpasses are proposed.

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