Kasab confesses :From Karachi with hate

Zaki-ur Rehman Lakhvi, Abu Hamza, Abu Kafa and an Indian, Abu Jundal , saw off the ten terrorists from Karachi in a small boat. Kasab’s accomplices were Abu Ismail (mission boss), Abu Akasha, Abu Umer, Abu Shoaib, Abu Ali, Abdul Rehman Chhota, Abdul Rehman Bada, Hafiz Arshad & Abu Fadaullah . Kasab says he was persuaded by a colleague to turn to dacoity in Rawalpindi. They then met some mujahideen who packed them off to a Muridke terrorist camp. Kasab was enlisted for a ‘bigger job’ and trained in the use of AK-47s and bombs. He was also shown pictures and movies of CST . Of the initial 15 recruits, 2 ran away, 6 were sent to Kashmir. Finally, five pairs of ‘buddies’ were sent on their macabre mission

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