Aviation on cloud 9 this October

Indian passengers have taken to the skies with full force again. Or perhaps they can’t resist the attractive rates that airlines are offering. At least, that’s the picture that recent figures for passenger growth seem to be portraying. While airlines are still mulling over their lack of profitability, the number of those travelling by air has seen solid double-digit growth in October, almost catching up with what it was two years ago. In October this year, the aviation industry saw a 37% growth in number of passengers against a growth of 19% in August this year and around 11% increase in September. In fact, the growth rates in October gain even more significance when compared to what they were in the buoyant markets of October 2007, when growth was around 43%. In the turbulent market Analysts say there has been a 10% year-on-year growth in the aviation sector. Even though airlines can now boast of more passengers, particularly in the low cost segment, experts argue that the recovery in terms of passenger traffic is still not relating to growth in profits, and that the increase in numbers comes at the cost of declining yield.of October 2008, the growth had dipped to 15%. While the recovering economy and the availability of liquidity due to buoyant stock markets seems to be the backdrop against which this growth is poised, the immediate trigger seems to be the festival season and the low fares.

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