It's Modi v/s Nitish Kumar now

Bihar CM Nitish Kumar lashed out at Narendra Modi, describing the Gujarat CM as the pot that calls the kettle black. “Chhalni doose soonp ko,” said Nitish, in a rough translation of the wellknown English phrase. He was reacting to Modi’s comment that caste politics had kept Bihar backward. “One whose hands are full with communalism has no moral right to malign others on casteism,” Nitish said. 
Addressing Gujarat BJP executive at Rajkot, Modi had said that Bihar, once a prosperous state, was pushed into backwardness due to caste politics. Political circles interpreted the remark as a slight to Nitish. “Before criticizing others, one should think about himself. Odds not withstanding, Bihar is progressing, and anybody can see it,” Nitish said. 
JD(U) sources said the party is keeping a close watch on developments in the BJP in the wake of Modi’s moves to project himself as the next “big boss”.

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