Stray dogs help foil robbery

Just six months ago, a pack of stray dogs at Anand Nagar in Dahisar (east) was considered a “nuisance” by some residents. Today, everyone is all praise for the “brave” strays after they recently helped foil a robbery in the locality. Around 3am on June 18, a gang of robbers, clad in briefs and vests, entered the premises of Sai Krishna Vatika building, beat up the two watchmen—Bhim Singh and Suresh Yadav —and tied them up. A pack of 15 strays spotted the gang and started barking. The gang, which was attempting to break into a flat on the second floor, tried to chase off the dogs with sticks, stones and even shoes. The canines stood their ground and barked for 30 minutes. As a result of their barking, the residents woke up and alerted the Dahisar police. Though the robbers managed to flee, they couldn’t break into a single house. 
Bhupender Shelar, a resident, said, “It was only because of these 15 dogs that the gang was forced to flee.Senior inspector Ansar S Pirjade promptly responded to our calls.” “Six months ago, some residents wanted to get rid of these very stray dogs. Now, everyone wants to feed them,” said Bipin Shah, secretary, building no. 2. Animal welfare officer Saurabh Edwankar said, “People who want to kill strays must realize that animals can help us.” A complaint has been lodged against unknown robbers.

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