Pakistan opposes India's UNSC membership

Pakistan reiterated its opposition to India's permanent UN Security Council (UNSC) membership saying New Delhi remains “in violation of its resolutions on J&K and Kashmiri right to self-determination''. “How does a country with such record qualify to become a permanent member of the UNSC?“ asked foreign office spokeswoman Tasneem Aslam. She said a reformed UNSC should reflect interests of the wider UN members. “Pakistan, as a part of the Uniting for Consensus group, has always advocated an effective and feasible reform of the Security Council based on consensus among the UN members,“ she said.
Aslam's comments came days after US President Barack Obama supported India's permanent UNSC membership during his visit to New Delhi on Republic Day . The spokeswoman reiterated Islamabad's concerns over US-India nuclear deal, saying it will destabilize strategic balance between the two nuclear-armed neighbours. “The Indo-US defence deal would create strategic imbalance in South Asia,“ Aslam added.

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