In-principle nod for Purandar airport site near Pune

An in-principle approval has been granted to the proposed international airport site at Purandar, chief minister Devendra Fadnavis said on Friday .
Within the next eight days, a meeting will be held with the Maharashtra Airport Development Company for the proposed airport, Fadnavis said on the sidelines of a review meeting of the five flagship programmes undertaken by the Pune division. “People of Purandar are also positive about the development,“ he said. The government will consider about the rehabilitation process, various models while preparing a time line for the execution of the project, the chief minister said, adding that a detailed project report will be prepared later. The AAI had earlier this month carried out a detailed technical survey using GPS and physical mapping to gather minute details about the 2,000 hectare land in Purandar.
A preliminary survey had already been conducted last month. The second survey aimed to identify obstacles and possible environmental damage, if any . The district administration will take all necessary steps to protect the interest of land owners and farmers.

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