Prime Minister Narendra Modi said it was important to drive out the “VIP culture“ out of one's mindset and replace it with “EPI (every person is important)“. “Generally speaking, in our country there exists an atmosphere of disdain towards the VIP culture. It runs so very deep, I experienced it when the government recently decided that no person in India, whatsoever his status might be, will move with a red beacon atop his vehicle. In a way it had become a symbol of the VIP culture. The red beacon used to be fixed atop a vehicle, atop a car, but slowly and steadily it permeated into the psyche and got firmly entrenched in the mindset. The red beacon has gone for good but nobody can say with certainty that it has also disappeared from the mindset,“ the PM said in his Mann Ki Baat address on Sunday.

The PM said the exit of the red beacon through a government decision was part of a system. “But we have to make efforts to cleanse it out of our minds. If we collectively strive to do it with eternal vigilance, it surely can be flushed out. Our concept of New India precisely is that in place of VIP , more priority should be accorded to EPI. And when I'm saying EPI in place of VIP, the essence of my sentiment is clear -`every person is important'. Every person has his or her own importance, every person possesses a sagacious aura in a unique manner. Let us warmly accept the importance of 125-crore countrymen, let us respectfully embrace the divine greatness of 125-crore Indians and we'll garner strength of immense magnitude.We have to do this together,“ the prime minister said.

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