Mumbai - Pune Hyperloop snippets

After accommodating two Metro corridors and a bullet train terminal, Mumbai’s commercial hub Bandra Kurla Complex will also house a station for hyperloop connectivity that is being planned between Mumbai and Pune.

The hyperloop is proposed to start from Pune, and will come all the way till BKC via proposed Navi Mumbai Airport near Panvel where government plans it to connect with Colaba-Seepz Metro-3 underground corridor and the DN Nagar- Mankhurd Metro-2B corridor, and also the bullet train terminal, if possible.

Hyperloop is said to be a futuristic mode of mass transit system wherein a tube like pod is expected to allow one travel between Mumbai and Pune in 25 minutes. The project is being handled by the Pune Metropolitan Region Development Authority that has also prepared a pre-feasibility report on the same.

Kiran Gitte, Metropolitan Commissioner, PMRDA said, “The pre-feasibility conducted for Mumbai-Pune hyperloop has already been concluded and currently Virgin Hyperloop One is conducting a feasibility report for futuristic transit system. We basically plan to connect BKC in Mumbai because there are two Metro corridors proposed in BKC from where a person can go to any part of the city. We also plan it to connect with proposed Navi Mumbai airport”

Last week, Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis also visited Virgin Hyperloop One that will make the system during his official visit to US. This visit is considered to be a significant visit after after signing of Memorandum of Understanding between Maharashtra government and Virgin Hyperloop in Novemeber 2017.

In the current context, a trial on stretch of at least 15-km stretch will be conducted by building the necessary infrastructure for hyperloop near the Pune end on Expressway.

Gitte added, “Virgin Hyperloop One is taking data from several agencies like MMRDA, MSRDC considering for Mumbai-Pune Expressway MSRDC planning authorities, and conducting feasibility study at its own cost. It will be challenging considering we plan to connect Metro junctions in Pune and Mumbai from where one can move to another place.”

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