1L mw solar power by 2022

The government is looking at a solar power generation target of 100,000 mw by 2022, up from the 20,000 mw goal planned by the UPA government. “What we inherited was 20 gw (giga watt) up to 2022, which we are trying to reset to 100 gw. On the solar front, we believe there is enormous potential to take it to 100,000 mw in next 5-7 years,“ power, coal and renewable energy minister Piyush Goyal said at a function organized by energy and climate think-tank Teri. He said the government was trying to make these projects viable by providing grid parity to make them economically viable and ensuring that bankability and returns were reasonably assured. “In short, we are trying to make it selfsustaining,“ he said.
“Renewable energy may seem expensive, but in the long run, it scores over conventional energy . The subsidy regime needs to be more robust, targeted and sustainable. The government of India stands committed to lead the revolution in the renewable energy sector. Transparency , honesty, world-class technology will be the key to dealing with key challenges,“ Goyal said. He sought a pragmatic approach in balancing the need for development and dealing with issues concerning the environment. 

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