Finally it was Baba Rampal’s followers, his biggest strength, who did him in . Diehard supporters of the controversial preacher started crumbling on Tuesday after the police action and around 2,500 of them confronted the ashram management around 11 pm. They made it clear to the ashram management that they wanted to leave the complex. The management threatened them saying if they deserted Rampal with the biggest crisis in his life playing out, they should never ever come back to the ashram. But that threat did not deter them and these followers walked out of the premises. The waiting police force took them to the bus stand.
Surprised by the sudden turn of events, the police, who had taken up position 500 metre away from the ashram, informed their higher-ups and IGP Anil Kumar Rao rushed to the spot. Several diesel power generators were also requisitioned from Hisar to light up the area around the ashram for smooth evacuation. Police scanned each and every follower and those suspected to be members of Rampal’s private army were taken into custody for interrogation, while others were escorted to the bus stand or railway station.
With some followers taking the lead in walking out of the ashram, the trickle turned into a flood and others trapped inside summoned courage to follow.
The steady flow of people emerging from the ashram continued till late in the evening on Wednesday. Around 15,000 people peacefully filed out of the ashram without confronting the security men.
After police stopped their operation flush-out on Tuesday evening, the management shut all gates, suffocating people inside the 12 acre covered area. Tear gas shells and smoke added to the devotees’ growing discomfort.
As it was, electricity and water supply to the complex had been disconnected five days earlier.
Late on Tuesday, the atmosphere within the ashram was unbearable. Dark, hot and stuffy, with little food left, those inside were worn out.
The exhaust fans mounted on the roof had stopped working and the devotees started complaining.

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