Kashmir Curfew enters 42nd day

Curfew remained clamped for a record 42nd day on Friday, starting on July 9 after violence broke out following Hizbul commander Burhan Wani's killing, many in the Valley said the unending restrictions on movement, commerce and trade are making them lose their mind, that they have reached breaking point.Some said if things continue like this, many of them would need counselling. There are close to 4,000 shikaras and 1,200 houseboats on the Dal, and they are all desperate for some earnings.
Not being able to communicate has just added to the nervousness and rage. Though broadband has been restored, it's patchy . There's a complete ban on mobile internet. The only phones that work are BSNL postpaid. Everything else is dead. Information is another big casualty .
Newspapers stopped for four days from July 16 to 19 after a “ban“, which the state government later attributed to “miscommunication“.Production began after protests from the media subsided, but circulation has been hit hard. The vendors have gone missing and some managements have had to shrink newsroom operations. A clutch of small dailies have cut down on staff.
“There's no end to our suffering,“ said a retired government official who earlier worked with the agriculture department. “People are caught between militants and security forces. As if the curfew wasn't enough, separatists have ordered a shutdown till August 25.There's no milk for children, food is scarce, schools and colleges are bolted, hospitals are creaking under the load of thousands injured in the violence.In which state of India has there been curfew for 42 days? It's unprecedented. Things are so bad for us now that many will join gangs of stone-pelters just to get out of home.“

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