Sarkozy backs India for a permanent UNSC seat

Less than a month after US President Barack Obama’s strong endorsement for India’s bid for a seat in the United Nations Security Council, French President Nicolas Sarkozy kicked off his second India visit speaking the same language. During a lecture at the Indian Space Research Organisation, Sarkozy reiterated his country’s support for India’s permanent membership of the expanded UNSC, saying it was “unthinkable” to keep out a country of over one billion. “India is a stabilizing factor in Asia and in the world,” Sarkozy said.
French support for India’s desire for a permanent UNSC seat predates Washington’s. Also, an entire tortuous process has to be gone through before the French and the Americans can get to convert their pledges into actual support for India’s claim. But it can add to the momentum and make it difficult for China, the only P-5 member not in India’s support, to play spoilsport.

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