Shiv Sena on migration

The Shiv Sena has demanded a permit system in Mumbai and Delhi to check the flow of migrant labourers into the two metro cities. In an editorial on Tuesday, Saamna said Chidambaram should take stringent measures as home minister to curb the influx of migrants into the two cities. Stating that illegal migrants had wreaked havoc in Mumbai, Saamna said the Congress had been allowing the migrants into Mumbai to consolidate its vote bank in the city. “People from all over the country come to Mumbai.Nobody knows about their antecedents. They set up huts on open spaces and also on water pipes. They indulge in the pilferage of water and electricity. As these people are jobless, they indulge in crime, rape and murder. Many are easy targets for terrorist groups. Politicians and there votebank politics are responsible for anarchy in Mumbai,” said the Sena mouthpiece.
Chidambaram’s statement on migrants, which he had to retract in the face of a storm of criticism from UP chief minister Mayawati and several Congress and Opposition MPs, might help the Sena counter the DF government’s latest attack on the Shiv Sena-BJP rule the Mumbai municipal corporation, said political observes. Pointing out that it was the Sena that had raised the issue of migrants at the party’s debut meeting in 1966, Saamna said the crisis had worsened over the past 45 years. “Influx is a major crisis for Mumbai.A slum can be regularized in return of votes. People who come from outside have no fear for the law,” added Saamna. The Sena morninger reminded its readers that the Delhi chief minister, too, had voiced concern about the growing influx of Bihar, Uttar Pardesh and Haryana migrants into the national capital. Saamna urged Chidambaram to crack the whip on migrants before it was too late.

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Purvi said...

In my opinion the migrants come to Mumbai and Delhi in search for a living because their home towns / villages do not provide them with the same... so if one wants to check the flow of such migrants then the first thing that needs to be done is the upliftment of states like UP and Bihar