Rahul speak

Rahul Gandhi on Saturday called for repatriating Indian black money stashed in foreign banks and other tax havens overseas but rejected accusations that the UPA government wasn't doing its best in this direction. The Supreme Court had recently pulled up the government for restricting names of those with black money overseas. A bench had said that the government was wrong in treating black money as a tax issue and criticised it for not making public the names on the list. “We must ensure that Indian money which belongs to the poor comes back. The UPA government is making efforts in this direction,” he told reporters on the last leg of his two-day Marathwada tour. “The short-term approach is quick punishment within six months for those apprehended after a corruption case is unearthed. The long-term measure would be to delve deeper to understand and eradicate it.” But he ruled out a quick-fix. “This is possible only if we bring change through democratic means. Give me 10 years and you will see this change,” he said. “Funds meant for development are being stolen by vested interests,” he said, adding that this was why he wanted young people to join politics. “People now feel corruption is common to all political parties. However, Youth Congress is encouraging organisational democracy. No one is nominated or recommended to a post. Everyone has to stand for the election even at the gram panchayat-level,” Gandhi said. All political parties are infested with corruption, he said. “We are not happy about the situation and feel the problem is in the system with the current political structure based on family and relations, even while making appointments. However, only a few want change.” The MP from Amethi described the brutal murder of additional collector of Nashik Yeshwant Sonawane by the oil mafia on Tuesday as unfortunate.

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