Bharatpur tiger shifted to Sariska

A male tiger of Ranthambore National Park, which has been staying in Bharatpur bird sanctuary for the past three months, was relocated to Sariska tiger reserve on Wednesday. The tiger, T-7, will be the second male tiger at Sariska and the fifth one in the reserve after the death of ST-1 last year. The tiger will be rechristened as ST-6. This will now be the second male after ST-4 in the reserve. The animal was tranquillised at Aadhatar in I block near Aghapur village of Keoladeo bird sanctuary in the evening by a team from the Wildlife Institute of India (WII), Dehradun, who have been camping there for the past one week. The Sariska tiger reserve currently has four tigers including a male and three females. The first male to be relocated, ST-1, was poisoned by villagers last year.

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