Somewhere in the Corbett Tiger Reserve....

Panic gripped Corbett Tiger Reserve (CTR) on Saturday as forest guards recovered carcasses of a tusker and a tiger from different locations of the CTR area. Wildlife warden Umesh Tiwari said the six-year-old tiger was apparently killed during a fight over mating with another tiger in the Kalagarh forest division. Sources, however, said poachers could have been involved in the killing. A gang of poachers has been active in the CTR and adjoining areas for some weeks, sources said. Tiwari said the exact cause of death will be known after the post-mortem to be conducted by veterinary surgeon, R K Singh. This is the fourth such death in one month, and is apart from the killing of a man-eater by forest shooters in January. Also on Saturday, forest guards recovered carcass of a 25-year-old female elephant from Sona Pani forest range.

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