Byadgi chilli gets GI status

The Geographical Indications (GI) registry in Chennai has accorded geographical status to the Byadagi chilli. GI status tells consumers that a particular product comes from, or has been processed, in a particular region renowned for the quality of such a product. The Bayadgi chilli is mainly grown in Bellary, Haveri, Shimoga and Chitradurga districts of Karnataka. The peculiarity of the chilli is its essentially sweet, not spicy, nature and its significance in the oleoresin industry. The oleoresin extracted from it is used in food, cosmetics, confectionery and beverages. These chillies are grown in over 3 lakh acres in North Karnataka . Kaddi variety — gnarled, thin and long — doesn’t have many seeds . Dabbi variety — small and plump — has more seeds.• Both Kaddi and Dabbi varieties not as hot as the Guntur variety

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