Somewhere in Ahmedabad....

Three dogs were killed by unknown persons on Wednesday night near Vishala circle. The attackers had thrown hot asphalt on the dogs, killing them instantly. Passersby noticed the gruesome carcases, stiff with asphalt and called volunteers of Asha Animal Foundation to Vishala circle immediately. Harnesh Bhatt of the animal welfare body said that the dogs died soon after being brought for treatment. Animal activists have protested against the deed and blamed Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation for not doing enough to curb dog menace and reduce human-dog conflict. “Attacks on dogs is not new to the city. We have even seen acid attacks on stray dogs. While acid can be cleaned if treated within a short time, asphalt leaves no such scope. It had burnt the dogs’ skin and caused lumps that could not be removed without peeling the skin. It is a shameful incident for the city that has long-nurtured the principal of jeevdaya,” Bhatt said. In December last year, 34 stray dogs were poisoned by Behrampura residents after a couple of dog bite incidents in the locality.

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