TaMo unveils the Pixel

Tata Motors has unveiled a new concept car, Tata Pixel, based on the Nano platform, exclusively for the European market. Tata Group chairman Ratan Tata unveiled the concept Pixel at the 81th Geneva Car Show on Tuesday. A little more than three metres long, the Pixel will have large interiors and design that suits the taste of European customers, officials said. It is expected to enter the market in 2013. India’s largest auto company by turnover had showcased the Nano Europa in 2009 as the possible export variant of the world’s cheapest car. It was supposed to hit the roads in 2011. But the negative publicity the Nano received after a couple of cars caught fire and its falling sales in India seem to have prompted the company to change its course. Tata Motors is yet to make an official announcement about the powertrain of the Pixel, and other specifications including the possible price or tentative date for launching the car in Europe. Sources in Tata Motors say the three-door car was designed with the idea of lot of space specifically for the European market and customers. It will confirm to all stringent safety and emission norms in developed markets.

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