Delhi's per capita income

With a per capita annual income of Rs 1,75,812, the capital again finished second behind Goa, which had a per capita annual income of Rs 1,92,652. However, it was the richest among the major states and union territories with crore-plus populations (Goa’s population is only 14.6 lakh). Haryana, with Rs 1,09,227 per capita finished third, while the country overall touched the Rs 60,972 per person income level. In 2010-11, Delhi’s per capita income at current prices was Rs 1,50,653. Even at constant prices (after factoring in inflation), the city’s per capita income was Rs 1,19,032 in 2011-12, a leap of Rs 10,156 from Rs 1,08,876 a year ago. It was also three times the national average estimated at Rs 38,005. 
On a political note, officials pointed out that Delhi’s per capita income had increased 3.39 times during the 13 years of Congress rule — from Rs 40,060 in
1998-99 to Rs 1,75,812 in 2011-12. The report pegs economic growth in Delhi at 11.43% during 2011-12, compared to the all-India figure of 8.4%.The services sector had 82% share in the gross state domestic product of Delhi, followed by the secondary sector at 17% and the primary sector at 0.87%. Manufacturing accounted for 5% share, construction 9.6%, and hotels and restaurants 19%. Among specific trades, financial services, insurance, real estate and business services had the lion’s share at 39%.

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