Agra - Lucknow Expressway snippets

The Uttar Pradesh government has appointed Redicon India, a private limited company, as consultant for preparing the concept report for the ambitious access-controlled Agra to Lucknow expressway.  The eight-lane ecofriendly greenfield expressway is proposed to be constructed on a minimum distance formula through Public-Private Partnership mode. Envisaged to provide a smooth link from Greater Noida to Lucknow via Agra, this expressway will be built covering a distance of about 365 Kms. The scope of work for consultant includes mainly preparation of concept report involving preliminary feasibility reports on economic, geographical, physical and social parameters. Once completed, Agra to Lucknow Expressway will cut short the travelling time between Lucknow and Agra from 6 hours to 3.30 hours, while a distance of about 530 Kms from Greater Noida to Lucknow will be covered in 5 hours instead of current time of 9 hours. Redicon India was selected out of eight bidders after the company met with the standards of requisite experience and lowest financial bid. It may be noted that a 'Pre-Offer Meet' was held on May 5, 2012, to address their consultants' queries. Implementing and Nodal agency for this PPP expressway project is Uttar Pradesh Expressways Industrial Authority (UPEIDA). Chief Executive Officer, UPEIDA, Mukul Singhal, said that to maintain ecological balance, a large number of trees would be planted for retaining the rain water in the field. Suitable techniques of rain harvesting shall also be adopted to raising ground water level. Ecofriendly parks shall be developed along the expressway for neutralizing air and noise pollution and maintaining ecological balance owing to this expressway. Further, to maintain greenery and abundant water supply lakes and ponds shall be developed on both sides of proposed Agra-Lucknow expressway.

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