Advani's good idea

BJP veteran L K Advani urged President Pranab Mukherjee “to take an initiatve” to bring about electoral reforms in the country. In his blog post, Advani strongly pitched for holding simultaneous elections to the Lok Sabha and state assemblies, which should have a “fixed tenure” and sought the President’s initiative in this regard, saying frequent polls affect decision-making process.
Noting that a lot is being written these days about the need for poll reforms to curb the role of money power, he urged the President to take “an initiative”. He referred to the US where polls are held after every four years and pointed to a legislation enacted by the UK last year for a fixed term of Parliament. “When for six years we were in the NDA government, we actually experienced how impending elections even in a remote corner of the country used to influence decisionmaking in New Delhi. I feel this is not good either for governance or for the polity,” he said.

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