NaMo Bharat

Cornered by a relentless onslaught from a rejuvenated Congress and a buoyant Keshubhai Patel, chief minister Narendra Modi is planning his biggestever media blitzkrieg. An internet protocol channel (IPTV), most likely to be named Namo Bharat, will be launched soon to arm the Gujarat CM with a potent propaganda tool.
Two of his most trusted media lieutenants, Manish Bardia and Parindu Bhagat, have been entrusted with the responsibility to execute the project.
Insiders say Bardia has hundreds of CDs on Modi’s speeches and achievements documented over a decade.
Bhagat, popularly known as Kakubhai, has grown phenomenally within the party after Modi took guard in Gujarat. Bhagat’s son Maulik is said to have been assigned a key role for the IP protocol channel, which will be aired on local cable networks.
While Modi had attempted a similar experiment ahead of assembly polls in 2007, when a local channel Vande Gujarat was launched, this time around he plans to go real big.

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