Uranium Deposits found

Large deposits of uranium have been discovered in Sikar district of mineral-rich Rajasthan giving a new fillip to the country’s nuclear power generation.
The initial estimates peg the uranium ore deposits at Rohil Central at 5,185 tonnes. Though the deposits are of low grade, the size of the deposits are considered to be significant and the fourth largest in the country after Tummalapalle, Chitrial and Peddagattu extension in Andhra Pradesh.
The adjoining Rohil North region has 381 tonnes of uranium ore.
Atomic Energy Commission chairman R K Sinha said the department was investing heavily on exploration of uranium across the country and had augmented its reserves by 50% in the 11th Plan period.
As of June this year, the Atomic Minerals Directorate for Exploration and Research has established 1.84 lakh tonnes of uranium ore resources across the country.
The Uranium Corporation of India Limited has mining operations at Bagjata, Jaduguda, Bhatin, Narwapahar,
Mohuldih, Tummalapalle, Turamdih underground mines and Banduhurang open cast mines. It also runs two processing plants at Jaduguda and Turamdih.
At present, India operates 20 nuclear power plants at six sites across the country which have the capacity to generate 4,780 megawatt of electricity. Of the 20 nuclear power plants in operation, 10 use imported uranium while the rest use domestic fuel.

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