Of NCR expansion....

The Centre will consider inclusion of Mahendragarh, Bhiwani, Mathura and Bharatpur in the National Capital Region (NCR) following demands put forth by Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Rajasthan governments to the NCR Planning Board.
In a written reply to Lok Sabha, minister of state for urban development Saugata Roy stated that these demands will be examined by a study group constituted for review and revision of regional plan-2021 for NCR. “The matter will be considered by the Board after the examination by the study group,” the minister replied.
Three MPs had asked the UD ministry whether there are any laid down norms for extension of the NCR. Roy explained that while there is no such norm, the study group on policy zone, demographic profile and settlement pattern constituted by NCRPB had recommended not to extend the region at least upto 2021. The group had reasoned that the existing NCR “has not developed as envisaged and any extension will amount to spreading of scarce financial resources thinly.”
However, after fresh requests came from three constituent states of NCR, the Board has asked them to submit their views and comments. Roy mentioned that the study group had recommended NCR boundary should coincide with the district boundary of Alwar. NCRPB officials said this recommendation was accepted by the Board and entire 7,829 sq km of Alwar was included in the region. Earlier only 4,493 km of Alwar was part of NCR.
States have been lobbying for inclusion of more areas in the NCR since they can get additional funds from the Board for development activities.

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