Maharashtra plans to tap Wave energy

Considering the total potential of 6,000 MW wave energy from the Indian coast, the Maharashtra Energy Development agency (MEDA) has taken the first step forward to tap Maharashtra’s 720-km coast to generate wave energy. A study has showed that the Maharashtra coast has an annual wave potential of four to eight KW per metre of the length of the wave. During the monsoon, that is, between June and August, the potential is quite high -- 12 to 20 KW/m.
MEDA, which is the nodal agency appointed by the state government for taking initiatives in non-conventional energy, will soon float tenders to invite expression of interest by companies which would assess the potential for generation of wave energy in coastal areas. The project is slated to begin in the next three months.
 JV Torane, general manager, research and development, MEDA said the tenders will be published shortly and companies will be shortlisted and finalized in three months. The project will take off immediately after that.
A MEDA sponsored a study at the Centre for Earth Science Studies, Thiruvananthapuram, in 1994 to find out the wave energy potential at six sites along the Maharashtra coast. The six sites are Girye, Vijaydurg, Ambolgarh, Kunkeshwar, Pawapoint and Wagapur. The study also revealed that Pawas and Ratnagiri have high potential for generating wave energy followed by Girye and Miyet point. These sites possess an average annual wave energy potential of five to eight KW/m and monsoon potential of 15 to 20 KW/m.

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