Kejriwal on quitting as Delhi CM

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Arvind Kejriwal has admitted for the first time that the party’s decision to resign from the Delhi government was ill-timed, adding that there was a communication gap.
In an interview Kejriwal said, “In hindsight, I think we should have taken a few more days to hold public meetings to explain the rationale behind our decision and then quit. The suddenness of our decision and the communication gap with masses allowed BJP and Congress to spread falsehood about us and label us as escapists. This is a mistake we made and we’ll be more careful in future.”
He, however, stood by the decision to quit, saying it was done on principle.
When asked if misjudging the timing had cost him support from the middle class Kejriwal said, “There are two categories of people who have been disappointed with AAP’s resignation from government. The first category is made up of our staunch supporters who acknowledge our work in government and will continue to vote for us. The second category is of people who want Arvind Kejriwal for CM and Modi for PM. People in this category could not handle the fact that I took on Modi directly.’’ He added that this was a small number.
Kejriwal’s admission comes just a day after Delhi voted in the Lok Sabha elections.
According to reports, while the party saw overwhelming support from the minority community and slums, the middle class, which was said to be stoutly behind the newbie, appeared to be disillusioned by the resignation of the 49-day AAP government and now preferred to vote for the BJP instead.

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