Goa & Punjab: High Voter Turnouts

In the first round of assembly elections in five states, Punjab and Goa recorded their highest-ever turnouts of 78.62% and 83% (as of 5 pm, according to the Election Commission), respectively.
Both states have tradition ally seen bipolar contests, but this time, the entry of Kejriwal's AAP as a potential third force could be a major factor in determining the outcome.

The previous highs for the two states were logged in the 2012 assembly polls, with Punjab at 78.2% and Goa at 81.73%.

A very high turnout in the Malwa region, which accounts for 69 of the 117 seats in Punjab, could well be a decisive factor in the outcome. EC figures show that nine out of 11 districts in Malwa, where AAP is a strong force, saw voter percentage jump to over a record 80%. Malwa includes three pocket boroughs of the Badal family . While SAD-BJP is fighting anti-incumbency in Punjab, defence minister Manohar Parrikar's prestige is at stake in Goa, which the BJP hopes to retain.

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