PPP route to beautify Howrah roads

In a first-of-its-kind initiative by a civic body in Bengal and perhaps India, Howrah Municipal Corporation introduced the PPP model for maintenance and beautification of six key roads in Howrah town. HMC's PPP partner, selected through a bidding process, has already started the work.
The thoroughfares entrusted to it on a five-year contract are Drainage Canal Road, East West Road, Foreshore Road, Jagat Banerjee Ghat Road, Grand Foreshore Road and Kadamtala 100 Feet Road, spanning a combined road length of 24 km. The move is a win-win for both HMC and its PPP partner, M3 Eco Path. While HMC will save Rs.1.7 crore a year on maintenance and beautification of these thoroughfares, the company will be free to earn revenue from billboard advertisements along these roads to cover cost of maintenance and beautification and earn profit as well.

Besides, the agreement requires M3 Eco Path to make a one-time payment of Rs.1 crore to HMC as compensation for loss of tax revenue from billboard advertisements along these roads over the next five years. Besides, the PPP partner will have to build a 1 km road off Drainage Canal Road to a helipad in Dumurjola. Choppers carrying chief minister Mamata Banerjee uses this helipad.

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