BJP’s ‘Jeet Ka Chauka’

Hailing the BJP's “jeet ka chauka” (a boundary of wins) in distant states like Goa and Manipur, besides Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his victory speech at the party headquarters on Thursday, acknowledged the turnout of women voters in huge numbers as a key factor for the BJP’s performance and asserted that the Uttar Pradesh verdict has also determined the fate of 2024 Lok Sabha polls.

“After 2019 Lok Sabha polls, some gyanis (intellectuals) said that there was nothing special about it as it had been decided in 2017 Uttar Pradesh assembly polls. I wish that these gyanis would once again show the courage to say publicly that the 2022 polls results have determined the fate of the 2024 Lok Sabha polls,” the PM said, reiterating that the results were a reflection of the country’s mood for the next 25 years.

Modi said that the country’s women have continuously reposed faith in BJP, as it is for the first time they have got the confidence that the government cares about their requirements. “Women's power has relentlessly supported the BJP. Results have shown that the places when women voted more than men, the BJP has won with bumper margins,” the Prime Minister said.

Besides lauding the higher participation of women voters, Modi also spoke about the role played by youth and first-time voters, even as he came down hard on opposition parties for making accusations against investigative agencies for targeting the corrupt, in what appeared to be a veiled reference to the ongoing action against Maharashtra minister Nawab Malik.

“People expect us to punish the corrupt and take strict action. Should I fulfil this expectation or not? But when independent institutions act against the corrupt, these people and their eco-system seek to attack these institutions. . . They do not have trust even in the judiciary,” the PM said.

Modi said UP opted for the development-oriented politics but there were pundits who still tried to develop a narrative that the state was divided on caste and communal lines.

“In UP, one of the reasons for our victory is that people have faced the brunt of this type of politics for years,” PM Modi said.

Amidst continued chants of “Modi-Modi”, the Prime Minister attributed the BJP’s success to the party workers, saying that they had promised him that Holi for them will commence on March 10 with BJP’s victory, and that they had lived up to the promise.

Modi said that vote share in states like Goa, Manipur and Uttar Pradesh had increased despite these having being incumbent governments and history has been written in Uttarakhand, where a government has been repeated for the first time.

Despite the loss in Punjab, Modi praised party cadres of Punjab. “In coming years, the BJP will emerge as a strong political force,” the PM said.

Without naming any outfit, the Prime Minister said that Punjab is a border state and it has to be saved from the politics of separatism. “For this, the BJP will continue to perform its duty in the state,” the PM said.

Referring to the victory in Uttar Pradesh, Modi said the state has given several Prime Ministers but this was the first example of a CM (Yogi Adityanath) being re-elected after a full term of five years and added, “In UP, after 37 years, a party has returned to power. ”

Saying that the elections took place at a time when the world was grappling with the biggest pandemic in 100 years and war has further increased the tension, Modi stated: “The entire supply chain has been destroyed. For two years, there has been a very adverse impact and the war has added to it. Coal, gas, fertiliser prices have increased globally at an unprecedented pace. Due to the war, inflation is rising. In the global context, when we look at the budget, it gives confidence that the country is moving on the path of self-reliance. ”

The Prime Minister lashed out at the opposition parties, saying that certain people are hell bent on denigrating the country’s politics and they have been misleading the people of the country.

“In Ukraine, when thousands of Indian students were stuck. . . these people sought to tie up Operation Ganga in regionalism. Every scheme, every work is given regional, caste and communal colour. This is a big concern for me,” Modi said, and once again expressed his concern about nepotism in politics, asserting that the trend will be discarded fully by the people one day.

Home minister Amit Shah, BJP chief J P Nadda, defence minister Rajnath Singh and road transport minister Gadkari felicitate PM Modi during the celebrations at the BJP headquarters in New Delhi on Thursday

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