Anand is the undisputed world champion

Viswanathan Anand is world chess champion without a shadow of a doubt. The Indian overcame a spirited challenge from Vladimir Kramnik of Russia by drawing game 11 of the 12-game series in Bonn on Wednesday to put at rest questions about his ability to perform against quality opposition in matchplay. A 6.5-4.5 win in the series against Kramnik gave him the world title, his first in matchplay. When he won the world crown in Tehran (2000) and Mexico (2007) in tournaments, he had not got the credit he deserved. In 2000, Kasparov was still winning in classical chess. In 2007, Kramnik said he had only “lent” Anand the title, the real test was matchplay.Anand’s retort came over the board and left no doubt that he is the best allround player in the world.Born on Dec 11, 1969 .Taught chess by mother 1987.First Asian to become world junior champion, also the youngest Grand Master (GM) 1998.Won in Linares (then strongest ever tournament) ahead of Gary Kasparov 2007.Formally ranked world No. 1 2008. First non-Russian after Bobby Fischer in 1972 to beat a Russian in matchplay.

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