Maharashtra Nash Sena

Raj Thackeray seems hell bent on destroying the state with his brand of divisive politics in order to establish himself as the messiah of the Marathi Manoos.Navnirman sounds very noble, I wish he would concentrate on improving the infrastructure of the state rather than destroying what minimal infrastructure is present at the moment.Should probably take a leaf out of Dubai, where state of the art infrastructure and 85% expat population have given rise to a booming economy in the middle of the desert.
Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) will have to pay for the loss of private and public property in the ongoing violence across the state.Deputy chief minister RR Patil said the loss would be recovered from the party and the victims compensated after the government assessed the actual loss. The government will move a proposal in the state cabinet to issue an ordinance. It will be sent to the governor for the final nod.Once the ordinance was issued, those responsible for the damage to property would have to bear the costs, Patil said. The home department was consulting the judiciary to find out if the ordinance could have retrospective effect so that MNS would be held responsible for the losses, he said. But with the legislative session just three weeks away, it was unlikely that the governor would notify the ordinance.

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