Diesel price hiked

Diesel prices were hiked by Rs 1.02 per litre, for the fourth time this year.
State-owned oil firms, which had been mandated in January to raise prices by up to 50 paisa per litre every month till entire losses on the fuel are wiped out, skipped raising rates in April to avoid troubles for the government during the second half of Budget session of Parliament.
The companies have made up for skipping the April revision by increasing rates by Rs 0.90 per litre, excluding local sales tax or VAT.
The increase comes to Rs 1.02 per litre in Delhi where the fuel will now cost Rs 49.69 a litre compared to Rs 48.67 previously, Indian Oil Corp, the nation's largest fuel retailer, said in a press statement.
In Mumbai, diesel will now cost Rs.56.04 per litre—an increase of Rs 1.12. In Kolkata it will cost Rs 53.97 per litre as compared to Rs 52.91 at present. In Chennai, the price has been raised by Rs 1.10 to Rs 52.92.

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