Wild Tiger walks into Odisha Zoo

Authorities of the Nandankanan Zoo captured a wild Royal Bengal Tiger as the animal walked into a safari on its own. The tiger had recently set panic in the zoo near as it was roaming in the adjacent sanctuary area for the last few months. “The animal was trapped in the tiger safari by tracking its movement through CCTV cameras”, Sudarshan Panda, the director of Nandankanan Zoo said.
Some of zoo staff had earlier reported the presence of a wild tiger in the forest adjacent to the zoo. “We had also got pug marks of a feline near lion and tiger safari areas. We had fixed trap cameras to monitor its movement and had fixed a CCTV also,” an official said.
The authority had set up a 20 member team to capture the tiger. “Our team members found through the CCTV camera when it entered the first gate of the tiger safari at about 12.30 am on Monday. Immediately the gate was closed from behind,” the official said.

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