Somewhere in Pokhran....

The Pinaka Mark II Multi Barrel Rocket Launcher System has undergone successful trials at Chandhan area in Pokhran field firing ranges. The trials which started on Friday were witnessed by officials of DRDO and Army trial teams. “Pinaka Mark II trials were sucessfully conducted at the Pokhran field firing range. The target was successfully destroyed in Keru area which was located 30 km from the firing point. DRDO officers and Army officers have shown satisfaction on successful trials,” DRDO spokesperson Ravi Gupta said.
“The state-of-art weapon for destroying and neutralizing enemy troop-concentration areas, communication centres air terminal complexes, gun and rocket locations and for laying mines by firing rockets with several warheads from launch vehicles has been developed by DRDO. High operational mobility, flexibility and accuracy are its major characteristics, which give the weapon an edge in modern artillery warfare for the Indian armed forces, the spokesperson said.
Pinaka could fire a salvo of 12 rockets in 44 seconds from a launcher.

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