NaMo's 3Ps for J&K's growth

In his first strong rebuke to Pakistan since becoming Prime Minister, Narendra Modi denounced it for continuing the ‘proxy war’ against India. Modi said Pakistan was incapable of fighting a conventional war and so resorts to aiding and abetting terrorism.“It is unfortunate that our neighbour’s attitude...they have lost the power to fight a war but they use proxy war. There has been a process of killing innocent people through this proxy war. “How many innocents are being killed? The number of people getting killed through the bullets of cowards is more than those killed in conventional wars,“ he said addressing army and air force troops on his maiden trip to Leh.
Modi's remark comes at a time when the two countries are looking to impart at least a semblance of normalcy to ties in the form of a dialogue between their foreign secretaries on August 25. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is the first PM to visit Kargil since the 1999 conflict, launched a scathing attack on Pakistan over its proxy war against India. He was in Kargil to inaugurate the 44 MW Chutak hydro-power project.
The PM's strong attack on Pakistan comes amid efforts by both countries to engage with each other. The two countries have hardly had any engagement after an Indian soldier was beheaded, and with guns still booming at LoC, India is not half as optimistic about the outcome of the talks as Pakistan.
Modi's comment is being seen as a reality check that has again underlined the apprehension within the Indian establishment over engaging Pakistan and its initial reluctance, even after Modi's meeting with Nawaz Sharif, to confirm a meeting between the secretaries.
The government's decision to allow the meeting was, in fact, more of a tribute to Modi's personal rapport with Sharif who has consistently said that he wants good relations with India. Modi though told Sharif in the meeting that for any constructive engagement, Pakistan had to do two things immediately--bring the 2611 guilty to justice, and act against terror groups targeting India.
Modi said his government is committed to “3 Ps“ for J&K-prakash (electricity), paryavaran (environment) and paryatan (tourism) which would help improve the region and the country .
“Development should bring change in the lives of the people and energy plays an important role in that,“ Modi said, inaugurating a 45 MW hydro-electric project. The power project, he said, would end the electricity crisis in the region.
He also announced funding for four roads in J&K at a cost of Rs.8,000 crore. “We have to connect all regions of the country by means of roadways, railways, electricity grid and telecommunications,“ Modi said.
“Past PMs rarely ever visited Kashmir. I've come twice in two months alone because of your love,“ he said.

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