Of the Congress' Debacle....

Putting the blame for Congress's defeat on the Manmohan Singh government, an in-house inquiry is learnt to have found inflation as the reason for the party's worst ever performance in Lok Sabha elections. The A K Antony committee is also learnt to have listed indiscipline, corruption and media as the factors that contributed to the collapse of Congress government.
Price rise, which dogged the entire tenure of UPA-2, drove voters away from Congress, the panel is learnt to have said. Almost every leader from states that the probe panel interacted with is learnt to have told the Antony panel that persistently high food prices neutralized the effect that Congress campaign was supposed to have on its supporters and middle class. The picking on inflation, a direct indictment of the government, comes alongside the panel calling the defeat a collective failure and absolving key party campaigners of responsibility.
According to sources, there is also stress on how the perception of corruption against the UPA killed its chances with voters. The three-year-long NDA campaign over various scams, especially 2G, dented the credibility of the Congress regime beyond repair. While inflation and corruption are known reasons for the rout that blew away the ruling party, sources said the Antony panel has also pointed out that indiscipline cost the Congress dearly.The split between chief ministers and party presidents and general factionalism in state units prevented the party from pulling in one direction. Infighting was a feature of UPA government in the form of turf wars among central ministers that virtually jammed policymaking and presented UPA-2 as a divided house.
Also, the refusal of various leaders to contest elections, like party biggie and UPA’s finance minister P Chidambaram, hurt the party’s prospects. The Antony panel also listed media as a reason for the Congress debacle. The focus on one man, Narendra Modi, squeezed Congress out of the game of projection, feel Congressmen. 

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