Bhendi Bazaar Cluster redevelopment update

Construction for the first phase of the Bhendi Bazaar Redevelopment Project began on Wednesday , which was also the second death anniversary of Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin, the spiritual leader of the Bohra community who had envisioned the project.
For the first phase, two buildings each from two sub-clusters have been shortlisted and work on redeveloping them will begin. The project, which is being commissioned and executed by the Saifee Burhani Upliftment Trust (SBUT), is the city's largest cluster development.The trust expects to complete construction of the four buildings in three years and wants to resettle 650 families and 300 business in the new structures.
The trust has demolished more than 70 buildings and has shifted 1,700 families. A total of 400 businesses have been vacated from Bhendi Bazaar and have been shifted to transit accommodations that have been constructed specially for this project.
Abbas Master, CEO of SBUT, said, “We are trying to make a project that can be a role model for the country . Since it's a congested area, most of the pre-fabrication work will be done off the site to ensure least number of people are affected by the construction activity.“ The project, covering 16.5 acres, has more than 250 decrepit buildings, 3,200 families and 1,250 shops. The project has received a mention from the PM.

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