Somewhere in Marathwada....

The cumulative stock in the dams in Marathwada has dropped to a worrying low of 8% ahead of summer. Worse still, the region's largest reservoir Jayakwadi dam is left with only 5% stock.
The dams in the region had 22% stock in the first week of February last year and 42% stock in the same period in 2014. With water availability much lower than the two previous years, Marathwada will have to rely heavily on tankers for water in summer.
Out of 11 major irrigation projects in Marathwada, six have already hit dead storage.These include Purna Siddheshwar (Parbhani), Manar (Nanded), Majalgaon, Manjara (both Beed district), Lower Terna and Sina Kolegaon (both Osmanabad district). The region has 75 medium irrigation projects that have been showing only 9% water availability (79.55 mm3). Water storage in total 728 minor irrigation projects in Marathwada too has lowered conside rably showing only 5% stock.
Chandramohan Hangekar, chief engineer with the Godavari Marathwada Irrigation Development Corporation (GMIDC), said there would be no option left but to lift water from the dead storage of Jayakwadi dam to mitigate scarcity .
Jayakwadi dam has around 27 TMC of dead storage, of which, over 10 TMC consists of silt. To make this muddy water potable, the authorities would have to spend a large amount on purification methods. Divisional revenue department authorities are expected to take a formal call on the usage of dead storage of Jayakwadi by early next week, he said.

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