Howrah Metro update

Rites, the implementing agency for the 10 km East-West Metro extension project from Howrah Maidan to Santragachi bus terminus, is set to start work on the corridor early in 2017.
Sources said the estimated project cost of Rs.2,500 crore would have been at least Rs.200 crore less had the proposed corridor been allowed to pass through Foreshore Road. But following objections by Howrah mayor Rathin Chakraborty , the project alignment had to be altered to pass through Upper Foreshore Road instead.
Execution of the project will start from the Howrah Maidan station of the East West Metro, the take off point of the extension project. The first 2.4 km stretch of the extension corridor will be underground while the remaining 7.6 km will be elevated.The authorities are yet to finalize the depot for coaches beyond Santragachi bus terminus station.
They have shortlisted two alternatives -the first at Mourigram jola where the state and South Eastern Railway have two contiguous plots together measuring 21.5 hectares and the second near Padmapukur Waterworks, with two contiguous plots of KMDA and HMC. These plots add up to 25 hectares.

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