Of Connected aircrafts....

It's called the “connected aircraft“ and essentially it means an aircraft that allows internet access so passengers can check their mails, update their profile or do whatever it is that they do on ground, while in the air. By 2019, quite a number of Indian carriers would have taken delivery of connected aircraft, said a study by a travel IT solutions provider .
One of the long-term goals for the airline industry is ensuring that passengers can have a truly connected journey from departure to arrival. “The so called `connected aircraft' are starting to enter the global fleet and this will really pick up over the next 10-20 years as older aircraft are replaced with new generation ones,“ said the survey . “Our survey shows no airlines in India are yet operating connected aircraft. However, they recognise the potential for enhancing passenger services and by 2019, around half will have taken delivery of some connected aircraft, although still somewhat below the global level of 66% of airlines,“ said the SITA passenger IT trends survey . In India, the authorities have not yet granted permission to airlines to allow Wi-Fi connectivity onboard.
New generation aircraft open the door to providing passengers with a multitude of new connected services.

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