Modern iconic landmarks

As the making of India in the 21st century continues,we need to create modern iconic landmarks that symbolise the India of today.We have many beautiful landmarks from our glorious past and the British Raj.We have not built too many of them since our independence in 1947.

Sitting in Dubai,I watch with amazement at all the construction taking place everywhere.The Emirates Towers,The Burj al Arab and now the tallest building in the world-Burj Dubai. Not to forget the Palm Islands at Jumeirah,Jebel Ali and Deira,the World,the Dubai Marina,etc.Opening in October is the largest mall in the world,the Dubai Mall.
I am all for the new gigantic Shivaji statue planned in Mumbai.Would also like some new buidings on the lines of the Petronas Towers or the Burjs planned for Mumbai, our Financial Capital as well as the other great cities in India.I love the Infosys Spaceship shaped buidings in Pune...

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