The National WIne Board

The National Wine Board, which was set up by the Centre last month, will operate as a regulatory body which will define standards and act as a watchdog of the country’s wine industry, Shamrao Chougule, chairman of the ad-hoc governing committee of the Board said. Talking on the sidelines of the first workshop on grape farming best practices for farmers, organised by the All India Wine Producers Association, Chougule said the wine board will work on the lines of other commodity boards such as the Tea Board or Spices Board and regulate the Indian wines business.“Just like the other boards, we will need formal powers to set standards, oversee their adherence and to take action against those who fail to meet the standards,” Chougule said, adding that he hoped the government will take due steps in near future to empower the board to function effectively.“As the board is not constituted under an act of Parliament, the regulatory powers will have to come by way of a cabinet deliberation and the resultant government resolution,” he explained.Chougule said the government will not have any direct involvement in the working of the board and it will be the wine industry that will manage its affairs. Wine makers, farmers, distributors and hoteliers will be represented on the board’s governing council, he informed.Chougule said the ad-hoc committee will soon undertake a study of wine industry regulation internationally and begin the process of defining Indian standards for wine made or consumed in India.Chougule, who is the chairman of the Indage Group of companies, had announced some time back a Wine and Vine Institute in Pune district for wine industry education and training in association with the University of Adelaide. “The state government allotted us land which was later demanded by various interested people so the institute could not taken off. Now another location has been identified and the process for its acquisition has started,” Chougule explained. Wine Industry Size: Rs 1,000 crore (approx) Target: Rs 4,000 crore by 2011 .
Maharashtra and Wine: Exports to France, Italy, Germany, US, UK, Singapore and Belgium Accounts for almost 97 per cent of wine production in India In 2008, the total wine production of grape wine in India was 2.25 crore litre, out of which state’s share was 2.11 crore litre .
Wine Consumption in India :
Mumbai 39%
Delhi 23 %
Bangalore 9%
Goa 9%
Rest 20 %

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